Types of water softeners and the helpful reviews that come with them

This short informational article on water softeners offers interested readers very brief overviews of just three types of water softeners available for purchase and installation and later sustainable use, depending on their domestic and commercial environments. Taking their interest further, readers will benefit from full knowledge on these coolers from online areas such as WaterSoftenerMaestro. These areas are providing its reviews with expert analyses and consumer reviews which are necessarily based on practical experience and testing.

The three types of water softeners available are salt based systems, digitally-metered systems and magnetic water softeners. Salt based water softeners have been branded as the most technologically effective solutions among all available systems. It is influenced by an Ion exchange methodology. A brine tank or salt chamber is filled with sodium which contains soft water ions. These systems are sustainably regenerated on a regular basis.

One digital metered water softener system comes by way of the Fleck 5600 SXT. Fleck is regarded as one of the most experienced designers and manufacturers in the water softener market. Today, it is believed that the company is a perennial favorite among owners of medium to large-sized houses. Their specialization is to tackle extremely hard water, essentially highly polluted, particularly when the polluted water shows no visible evidence of harmful pollution.


Magnetic water softeners are also known as electronic de-scalers. Now, these systems are amenable to all domestic situations, regardless of size or scale. They are also portable, but magnets need to be clipped to incoming pipes in order to create magnetic fields that are meant to alter the electromagnetic properties of calcium to magnesium minerals. It can noted that the viability of using magnets to soften water has posed questions.