All the things you can do with your android tv boxes

Pretty much all of you reading this know full well what a tv is. You’ve been watching it for years, haven’t you, since when you were a wee pint, right on into old age, if you’ve managed to live this long. But what the heck is a tv box. Oh, that’s easy, some of you are saying. That’s the cabinet you place your old tv in. Quite right, very clever, but those boxes are redundant by now. Most of you reading this have gone on to replace those huge, heavy cumbersome tubes with even larger but lightweight flat screen digital TV screens.

Those boxes are redundant now because you don’t need them for your flat screen. Those flat screens stand pretty much on their own two feet, with a handy stand to keep it from falling over in case some little blighter stands too close to it. Those of you who are living into old age, well, congratulations to those of you who have made it this far, may not have heard of android. Okay, maybe some of you have those of you who were always into famous science fiction movies.

But the new android is one of those smart software tools that pretty much every younger generation are using these days, for pretty much everything you can think of, from cooking on the stove to driving off in a smart car that doesn’t run on petrol. And then there’s tv, that’s never going to go out of fashion. Now, just think of all the shows you could be watching with smart, software driven android tv boxes. Boy oh boy!

android tv boxes

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